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Airline-Refund supports KiKa

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With your help, we can save children's lives

Do you also want to support KiKa? Donate (part of) your compensation if you can spare it

Every year over 550 children in the Netherlands get cancer. At the moment, 75% of these children are cured. Which means 25% do not. We must and can do better.

KiKa raises funds for innovative research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer. Focused on less pain during treatment, increased recovery and a high quality of life in later life. In addition, KiKa focusses on providing information about childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer differs from cancer in adults. It is therefore important that separate scientific research is carried out into specific genetic characteristics of childhood cancer. Therefore, KiKa asks for your support.

KiKa uses your donation for scientific research in the Netherlands and to support the Princess Máxima Centre for pediatric oncology in Utrecht. This is the largest research and care centre in Europe for children with cancer. The best doctors, researchers and other specialists work together here, to ensure that children with cancer receive the best treatment.

Do you want to support KiKa too? As soon as we know whether you will be receiving a claim fee through us, we will inform you by email. In response to our email you can let us know what amount of your compensation we may transfer to KiKa on your behalf, should you wish to donate. Of course, you will receive proof of donation.

You don't want to wait and make a donation now? That's wonderful. Click on the donate button at the top right to go directly to the KiKa website. Read more about all activities on

KiKa can really use your support. On behalf of KiKa: Thank you for your effort and attention.


And on behalf of Olaf Goulooze and his team

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