98% Success Rate

  • Lawyers at Airline-Refund specialise in aviation law, and they are aware of all current laws and regulations which enables them to claim more successfully.
  • 98% of all submitted claims will result in a payout. Please read our customer reviews.


Available 24/7

  • Airline-Refund can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through our Contact Form. Also in the evenings, at weekends and on public holidays.


Highest compensation

  • Airline-Refund charges you the lowest commission (fee) in the market so you will receive a larger amount. Our success fee is only 23% (including VAT) up to 4 people and 21% (including VAT) for groups of 5 or more people.
  • Airline-Refund does not charge you any administration costs, other providers often do that.
  • Airline-Refund gives you the best compensation compared to other providers that only pay half within one week and redeem your claim in this way.


No cure, No pay

  • Airline-Refund works on a 'no cure, no pay' basis. Submitting your claim is always without obligation. If you don't receive compensation, you don't pay us anything. So you don't run any risk whatsoever.


Claim without stress

  • Airline-Refund takes all your work off your hands and keeps you continually informed of the progress. So you don't have to do anything.


Free hotel voucher

  • Airline-Refund gives you a free hotel voucher for three nights for two persons worth € 120 for each submitted claim. As long as you submit your additional information within 14 days of the first claim submission.


Ride & Sleep service

  • Airline-Refund makes it extra easy with the Ride & Sleep service. The personal taxi and hotel service especially for our delayed and stranded passengers at Schiphol