The media about Airline-Refund

Consumer Association about Airline-Refund

The Consumer Association establishes in a comparative study on 17 September 2018:

  • Airline-Refund has the fastest payout.
  • The consumer receives the highest net compensation (through the lowest success fee).
  • Luggage claims are free.


Telegraaf Airline-Refund

De Telegraaf calls Airline-Refund a real price fighter and has concluded that Airline-Refund persists where others stop.

Telegraaf Airline-Refund: price fighter


ANP Airline-Refund

According to the ANP, Airline-Refund is a provider of a total package, charges a low success fee and has claims processed by specialised lawyers (or employees in training).


Financieel Dagblad Airline-Refund

"the cheapest claim company and accessible 24/7' and at least as good as the more expensive ones....."


Nieuwsbank Airline-Refund

'New, cheap, distinctive' and very effective' Airline-Refund

"Growing number of claims, no cure, no pay, more and more goodwill', in other words: you run no risk whatsoever, they do the work and you receive the money".