Stranded at Schiphol? We help you to spend the night comfortably and affordably with our Ride & Sleep Service

Even if you are not an Airline-Refund customer, we are happy to be of service

Just imagine. You suddenly have to spend a whole night at Schiphol. Because your flight has been delayed or cancelled. You have missed your connecting flight, you are denied boarding or your flight is overbooked. What do you do now?

Will you wait at Schiphol all night or will you look for a hotel nearby? But which hotel is still available at this time without paying the top price? And how do you get there in the middle of the night? In a night taxi that will charge an absurd fare?

Don’t worry. Airline-Refund has the Ride & Sleep Service especially for passengers stranded at Schiphol. A special service that helps you (and your travel companions) in an emergency to find an affordable hotel in the area and a reliable taxi that will take you there directly and for a fair rate. Even if you are not (yet) an Airline-Refund customer.

For the Ride & Sleep Service, Airline-Refund works together with Amsterdam's largest taxi organisation TCA (Taxi Centrale Amsterdam) and with two rustic and affordable 4-star hotels (Hotel De Zoete Inval and Hotel Herbergh Amsterdam Airport) at a 15-minute drive from Schiphol. The TCA taxi can be easily reserved via the STA desk at Schiphol (open 24/7). You can contact the hotels directly to book. Fixed agreements have been made with the TCA-Taxi and the two hotels. You are always guaranteed good service for a fair price.

We will include the costs for taxi and hotel in your claim to your airline. If that's what you wish

You pay the taxi and the hotel yourself. Keep all taxi receipts and the hotel bill as proof. Because if you want Airline-Refund to claim your 'flight problem' (retrospectively) from your airline, we will include your additional costs for taxis and hotel in your claim. You are therefore not required to file a claim if you use our Ride & Sleep Service. If you are going to claim, we are naturally happy to be of service.

Whether you are entitled to compensation depends on the (legal) circumstances; read more about your rights. Keep in mind that you may not receive compensation for the extra costs of taxi and hotel in a limited number of cases! We like to create reasonable expectations.

What can you expect from us if you are going to claim? You don't pay Airline-Refund for as long as you haven't received compensation, fair is fair! Because we claim on the basis of 'no cure, no pay' and don't charge any administrative costs. So, you do not run any risks whatsoever. Don't lose money. Airline-Refund has a Success Rate of 98 percent, please read our customer reviews. Airline-Refund will help you claim successfully without stress.

Read more about our method, benefits and the free hotel voucher for two people (worth € 120) that you get afterwards for each submitted feasible claim.

So easy to reserve one of our two partner hotels and the TCA taxi

Step 1

  • Call one of our two partner hotels to book. They are available 24 hours a day. Press the buttons of one of the hotels below for more information.
    ►Phone number Hotel De Zoete Inval: +31 23 54 33 333
    ►Phone number for Hotel Herbergh Amsterdam Airport: +31 20 65 92 600
  • Tell the hotel of your choice that you are using the Ride & Sleep Service from Airline-Refund, they are aware of our arrangements.
  • • Continue with Step 2.

Step 2

  • Sign up at the STA desk and order a TCA taxi there. The STA desk is located at Schiphol Plaza at Arrivals Hall 4. They will tell you where you can find the reserved TCA taxi. This location is close to the STA desk. Because of your reservation, you don't have to stand in line.
    ► Click on the STA-DESK button below for more information and a map.
    ► Click on the TCA-TAXICENTRALE button below for more information.
  • Go to the specified location of your reserved TCA taxi.
  • The TCA taxi will take you to the hotel where you have booked.

Please note:

  • The costs for the taxi (from 'Schiphol to hotel' and from 'hotel to Schiphol' the next day) and the costs for the hotel are paid by you.
  • Ask the taxi driver for a valid receipt for both trips. Ask the hotel for an official invoice. You will need these documents later as proof for submitting your extra costs with the claim.
  • In a limited number of cases it is possible that your claim and therefore also these extra costs, are not eligible for compensation for legal reasons. Take this into account. We want to spare you a potential disappointment.
  • If you use the Ride & Sleep Service from Airline-Refund, you are not obliged to file a claim with your airline.
  • If you are going to claim, Airline-Refund will of course be happy to be of service. Submitting a claim costs you nothing. We work on the basis of 'no cure, no pay' and we do not charge any administration costs. You only pay us when your claim is paid out, fair is fair! Don't lose money.

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