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Was your flight overbooked, cancelled or delayed, did you miss your connecting flight or denied boarding? You might be entitled to compensation up to 600 euro per person. Check if you are entitled to compensation, no obligations attached.

Or click on check compensation to submit your claim, or via info@airline-refund.com

Lost your flight details? Please contact us

Since May 25, 2018, the General data Protection Regulation (AVG) gives you more rights, click HERE to read about your rights!
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Airline-Refund.com All passengers’ claims: flight, train, baggage

Missed flight due to crowds at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? We claim your damage at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport!
Do you have a flight flight due to the long queues at customs and security at Schiphol Airport and additional costs? Submit your claim using the online form HERE or send an email to info@airline-refund.com. Send as much as possible travel documents, if possible also invoices.

NEW: unique total package for passengers at the lowest succesfee (commission) 18%: flight, train, and baggage claims. Possibility of a voluntary donation to KiKa (foundation Children cancer free).
We use the no cure, no pay principle, only when we are successful we will charge you 18% of the total claim amount. Therefore we are the cheapest claim company. Our work processes are set up efficiently in order to save costs, the benefit is directly transferred to you. So, with us you do not have any excessive, usually time and cost increasing, work processes. No administration costs. 24/7 service. 
In combination with a flightclaim free baggageclaim for air flight passengers. Only handling of your claim by legal experts. By passengers groups we can offer group discount.
NO MASS-CLAIMCOMPANY, so more personal attention (see reviews, 24/7, total-approach), the HIGHEST NET COMPENSATION (by lowest commission, least overheadcosts), succesrate 98% guaranteed!

Mr. J.L. Gabriela, customer: ''Super thanks for your good service and quick responses. You guys are definitely an example for a lot of companies here in the Netherlands. Rating: 10+!''

More customer reviews? Click HERE.            

At our claimcompany you can choose to have any percentage of your total refund to donate, via us, to KiKa (foundation Children cancer free). Thus, you support the fight against children's cancer. Of course, no obligation, completely on a voluntary basis. You will receive hereafter, from us a proof of a banktransfer to KiKa.


We cooperate with:

Olaf Pepijn Goulooze
Legal expert

Mr. J.W.A. Wijsman
Attorney-at-law at Wijsman Advocatuur

Mr. J.H. Fellinger
Attorney-at-law at Fruytier Lawyers in Business

Cécilia Goulooze
PR & Partnership manager

Mr. J.R. Ramirez, Spanish Attorney-at-law



Extra service
Are you an organization dealing with customers who Flight problems have experienced such as: flight / train delay, flight cancellation / refusal or lost bags? We also like to work out by mediating for your customers. So that aftercare is well organized by your company. Of course, here's a financial reward for you.

Curious about the possibilities?


Our methods

- Check if you are entitled to compensation.

- When you are entitled to compensation, we submit your claim to the airline.

Our method

- We evaluate precise if you are entitled to compensation.

- No payment by the airline? Then we go to court for you.

Check your flight without obligation

Cheapest provider: Airline-Refund

With us the lowest commission, the highest net compensation for you

Benefits airline-refund:

Cheapest claimcompany

We charge the lowest successfee, namely 18% of the total amount successfully claimed. No administration fee, fellow claimcompany's charge administration fee (per person), in addition to a higher successfee. We charge no administration fee and offer more personal attention. Open daily.

Extra service and reliable address

In addition handling your flight claim we handle, as a single party, free your baggage claim. We offer our customers this additional service, because we like to go one step further in our services. A reliable address for all your passenger claims: we don't only handle your flight- and/or your baggageclaim, we also deal with trainclaims.

Airline-Refund for all your delays claims

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