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Privacy Statement

Privacy statement Airline-Refund B.V.

In this privacy statement, we would like to inform you about which personal data we (can) collect from you and how we carefully deal with your personal data. We strictly comply with the privacy laws, especially the Data Protection Law. From May 25, 2018 this law will be replaced by the General data Protection Regulation (AVG). We will exclusive use obtained data for the purposes described in this privacy statement, plus we have also taken measures to protect your personal data.
Since May, 25, 2018 the General data protection Regulation (AVG) gives you the the following rights:
  1. the right to see your personal data;
  2. the right to change your personal data;
  3. the right to be forgotten;
  4. the right to transfer (personal) data;
  5. the right to information.
Your personal data
If you would like to know if you are possibly entitled to compensation for your cancelled or delayed flight, missed flight connection, overbooking or rejection at boarding, you can fill in your flight details via the form on our website. After that you can see if you might be entitled to compensation for the relevant flight. These flight details are required to assess if the relevant flight possibly gives entitlement to compensation. Subsequently, it is your decision whether you want to submit your claim to us.
If you decide to submit your claim to us, we require additional data from you. In that case, we collect the following data from you:
-Full name;
-Date of birth;
-Place of birth;
-Address details;
-Possibly your proof of ID*;
-Telephone number;
-Email address;
-Your flight details and/or travel documents*;
-Power of attorney*;
*Which documents that we exactly require depends on which airline.
Employees of Airline-Refund will deal with your data confidentially, they have signed a confidentiality statement for this.
To prevent fraud of your proof of ID you can also take measures yourself, therefore we like to refer you to the recommendation of the Dutch government. These
recommendations can be consulted at the following website: https://www.government.nl/topics/identity-fraud.
Airline-Refund only collects personal data that is required for the handling of your claim, to keep you informed during the handling of your claim and to inform you about your rights. Furthermore, we would gladly inform you about our service provision, unless you do not want this. We also collect your personal data so we can comply with the legal requirements.
Protection personal data
Airline-Refund has taken technical and organisation measures, in view of the protection of your personal data against loss or any type of illegal processing. The measures are aimed on a suitable protection level of your personal data. For example, your data is sent via a secured connection (TLS, previously SSL, see the safety lock in the address bar and ‘https’) on our website.
Purposes for processing personal data
We process your personal data for the following purposes:
-We only use your personal data for our own administration so we can create and maintain a file for you, and to be able to keep in touch with you in view of the handling of your claim;
-To request possible missing documents from you by phone, if these have not been received after digital requests;
-We use your personal data to submit the claim on your behalf to the airline, in case the airline wants to check if you were a passenger on the flight to which the claim relates;
-The documentation that is requested by the airline differs per airline but usually the airline requests a power of attorney as proof that we represent you, as passenger;
-It can occur that the airline requests documentation later in the process of your claim for the further handling of your claim, which was not necessary yet when the claim was submitted. If we do not have these documents, we will request these from you;
-If we need to initiate legal proceedings, the court will know your personal data, to handle your case;
-To keep you informed during the handling of your claim about the status of your claim;
-To inform you of possible adjustments in our service provision:
-If we have not received the requested bank details for payment yet, to ask you per telephone to send these details to us per email.
Condition for processing
The Data Protection Law defines in a limited summary (article 8) which conditions are applicable for the processing of your personal data. The main one probably is that you have given unambiguous approval for the processing of your date. Therefore, we have explicitly mentioned this in the agreement that we conclude with you. Only if you have clearly indicated this in the agreement we will process your data.
Storage period
Airline-Refund does not collect your data for a longer period than is necessary for the handling of your claim, the storage period for closed claims is therefore maximum 24 months from the date the claim was closed.
Your rights
You have various rights with the processing of your personal data, these are as follows:
- You have the right to request insight in your personal data that is known to us;
- You have the right to request us to improve, supplement, remove or shield your personal data with actual incorrectness or incompleteness, provided you pass along the desired adjustments at the same time.
Privacy authority
The Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP) is Privacy authority in the Netherlands. If you have a complaint about how your privacy data is handled, please contact AP.

Notification of data leaks
Airline-Refund B.V. strictly complies with the obligation Data leaks. Within 72 hours after discovery, we inform the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP) about a (seriously) dataleak of personal data.
Website referrals to third parties
Airline-Refund also refers on its website to websites of third parties that are not a part of Airline-Refund. Airline-Refund is not liable for the use of third-party websites, nor for the processing of your personal data by these third-party websites, nor for possible cookie use by these third-party websites. 
Monitoring website use; cookies
We only use cookies in order to optimise our websites. 
If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, please do not hesitate to contact Olaf Goulooze (pivacy officer) via privacy@airline-refund.com.
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