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Airline Refund | With these steps you can claim your compensation today!

Work Method

Our work method

Flight overbooked, flight delayed, a missed connecting flight, a cancelled flight or denied boarding, this is all very annoying. We have experienced hours of flight delay ourselves so we do know what we are talking about. We like to assist you in securing your compensation. Naturally, we will keep you informed of the claim process. The claim process at Airline-Refund.com proceeds as follows:
Submit your claim
• Submit your claim on our website or via info@airline-refund.com
We check your claim and collect the necessary documents
• We thoroughly check your claim on validity, among others we will check if it does not concern a force majeure situation (formally called an ‘extraordinary circumstance’)
• Once we have established that you are entitled to compensation, we collect the necessary documentation
• We draw up your claim letter
Submitting your claim to the airline
We will go to court on your behalf
• No comment or refusal of the airline to pay? After an extra check of your claim on validity, we will go to court on your behalf
You will receive your compensation minus our success fee of 18%, VAT not included (we have to pay to the tax authorities)
• If unfortunately, we are unsuccessful in claiming your compensation, you do not owe us any costs
This is how we claim your compensation when your flight is delayed, canceled or over booked
I do not have my flight number